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Is your story holding you back by Cathy Jacob at

Is Your Story Holding You Back?

By Cathy Jacob / April 26, 2023

The stories we believe about ourselves can empower us, inspire us, and sustain us. They can also hold us back. Here’s how to create a more empowering story.

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Why Is Self-Compassion So Tough by Cathy Jacob at

Why Is Self-Compassion So Tough?

By Cathy Jacob / April 10, 2023

Do you struggle with self-compassion? Are you tired of people saying you just need to love yourself? For many of us, it takes more than platitudes to put compassion at the heart of our inner conversation.

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What's Your Big Thing by Cathy Jacob @

What’s Your BIG THING? How to Finally Get Traction on Your Dream Project.

By Cathy Jacob / March 23, 2023

Do you have a BIG THING that you can never find time to work on? The big dream, the big project, the solution to that complex problem that would make all the difference? Here’s how to finally get traction on your dream project.

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The Transformative Power of Diving Deep by Cathy Jacob at

The Transformative Power of Going Deep.

By Cathy Jacob / March 15, 2023

What does it mean to live life more deeply? What is the cost of living life in the shallows? When you give yourself the space to dive deep, transformation is possible.

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Why digital detoxes don't work by Cathy Jacob at

Why digital detoxes don’t work and what to do instead.

By Cathy Jacob / February 24, 2023

Is your smart phone making you anxious? A digital detox is not the answer. Here are seven simple strategies to reclaim your focus and your life.

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The hidden costs of distraction by Cathy Jacob at

Is Technology Harming Our Brains?

By Cathy Jacob / February 17, 2023

What are the costs of distraction in a high-tech world? Some experts are asking, is our use of technology harming our brains?

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The key to lasting self-confidence by Cathy Jacob at

This Simple Question Holds the Key to Lasting Self-Confidence

By Cathy Jacob / January 18, 2023

How can you build lasting self-confidence? For many of us, self-confidence is fleeting. Often, when you need it most, it evaporates.

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The surprising truth about New Year's resolutions by CathyJacob at

The Surprising Truth About New Year’s Resolutions

By Cathy Jacob / January 5, 2023

New Year’s Resolutions get a bad rap. But in fact, they can give us a psychological edge. Here’s how you can make New Year’s resolutions work for you.

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Confessions of a not so lovely girl by Cathy Jacob at

Confessions of a (not so) Lovely Girl

By Cathy Jacob / December 15, 2022

Beating yourself up because the holidays are coming and you don’t have your act together? Meet Lovely Girl, the inner critic who steals Christmas.

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You don't need a personality transplant to lead by Cathy Jacob at

You don’t need a personality transplant to be a good leader.

By Cathy Jacob / November 24, 2022

Are people telling you, you need to change who you are to be a good leader? Read here for another perspective.

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