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Two secrets self-disciplined people know by Cathy Jacob at

Beware of the road marked easy. Two secrets self-disciplined people know.

By Cathy Jacob / June 25, 2022

Sometimes the path marked easy is actually the fast track to somewhere much harder. Here are two secrets self-disciplined people know about the real path to greater ease.

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Inspiring advice you should ignore by Cathy Jacob at

Inspiring advice you should ignore!

By Cathy Jacob / May 12, 2022

These two popular pieces of advice are meant to inspire but can point you in the wrong direction. Here’s what to do instead.

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The shut down sequence to feel better and get more done by Cathy Jacob at

Is work overtaking your life? Get your evenings back and improve your performance with this one simple routine.

By Cathy Jacob / March 26, 2022

Try the Shut Down Sequence. I used to wear my long hours and busyness as a badge of honor. I told myself it was a sign of my commitment, hard work and indispensability. Under that was a deeper worry I was disorganized and slow. These beliefs create the perfect ground conditions for work creep. Work…

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4 Simple strategies to keep work from eating into your personal time by Cathy Jacob at

4 Simple strategies to keep work from eating into your personal time.

By Cathy Jacob / March 25, 2022

If your work life feels like it’s swallowing up your personal time, here are 4 simple strategies to help you reduce work creep and the stress, overwhelm and anxiety that go with it.

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Eliminate Work Creep and Reclaim Your Life by Cathy Jacob at

Eliminate Work Creep and Reclaim Your Life!

By Cathy Jacob / March 16, 2022

Working long hours may be costing you more than you know. If your work is crowding out your family and leisure time, you may be experiencing work creep and there’s something you can do about it.

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Make Progress or Savor the Moment by Cathy

Make Progress or Savor the Moment? The surprising gift in learning to do both.

By Cathy Jacob / March 4, 2022

A life lived in the delicate and conscious balance of both progress and presence is a life fueled by purpose and filled with meaning. When you can both dream and be awake to the moment to moment experience of your life, surprising gifts await you.

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Embrace Your Limits by CathyJacob at

Embrace Your Limits: How drawing boundaries creates more freedom and less stress.

By Cathy Jacob / February 15, 2022

In a survey released in January by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), the percentage of adult Canadians reporting anxiety, loneliness and depression was at its highest level since the onset of the pandemic. In the case of working adults, to what degree was the Pandemic the cause or just the straw that broke the camel’s back?

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