Your Greatest Superpower for Leadership and Life.

How many of us have tried to improve our lives and reduce our stress by managing time? And yet, with every time saving strategy and device we’ve employed, we’ve become more time starved and miserable. What if we’re building the wrong skill?

In this episode, Cathy explores how developing your attention skills unlock your superpower.

  1. How attention, not time, is the currency of greater value.
  2. How companies have created an economy around capturing and monetizing your attention.
  3. How your devices may be eroding your cognition and your ability to focus.
  4. How the ability to observe, direct and sustain your attention is a superpower that you can develop.
  5. Three critical skills attention training develops and how they can improve the quality of your life.

For a transcript of this episode, go to Cathy’s blog, Field Notes.

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    Cathy Jacob

    I'm Cathy Jacob. I am a writer, coach and co-founder of Fire Inside Leadership. After two decades of coaching leaders on how to inspire while navigating the challenges of demanding careers and lives, I’ve created this site to share the best of what I’ve learned from my courageous clients and leaders in the fields of psychology, leadership, philosophy and neuroscience on what it takes to live an inspired life.


    1. Terry Finnigan on October 20, 2022 at 12:14 am

      This episode really struck a chord with me Cathy. I have also struggled with, and against, time management. In fact it seems that I have developed a pretty strong immune reaction that allows my body to reject it completely! I really appreciate the reframe you provided moving from “managing your time” to “focusing your attention” . It feels much more empowering to focus on a matter of conscious choice rather than a struggle against an unforgiving clock. You’v given me some great food for thought. Thanks!

      • Cathy Jacob on October 20, 2022 at 4:31 pm

        Thankyou, Terry. I love your phrase the ‘unforgiving clock’. It really does feel that way sometimes. The beautiful thing about ‘attending to’ your life rather than letting yourself be driven by the clock is that you begin to experience your life as it is, moment to moment, instead of always looking at what it could be ‘if I just had more time’. Thanks for commenting here.

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